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Is Taxi and CHAUFFEUR so different?

In recent years cars with driver (CHAUFFEUR) have appeared to the dismay of taxis. Numerous social movements have led Australia in recent months to oppose taxis (the historical leader in the transport of passengers) to the CHAUFFEUR s, which accuse them of unfair competition. The State has appointed as a judge, a deputy PS responsible for finding a solution so that CHAUFFEUR and taxi can agree on the organization of transport in Australia. The main point of discrepancy lies in the fact that taxis have paid for a license that is sometimes very expensive, while Chauffeurs do not have to pay for them, which drastically reduces their charges. Is this the only difference between Taxi and CHAUFFEUR?

Taxis, a profession as old as the World!

At the moment, the whole vision of the transport of people in Australia has been questioned. How can taxis look to the future? Would taxis be forced to disappear?

Being a Taxi driver means accepting the constraints imposed by the State. Indeed, the profession of chauffeur of Taxi is called “regulated”, that is to say that the prices are fixed by the State each year according to a very specific scale called Taxis tariffs.You will be able to appreciate the incidental expenses such as the reservation in advance (7 $) or immediate (4 $) of the taxi driver. Is this scale justified in 2016? This question arises well beyond the conflict Taxi / CHAUFFEUR, a magician unveils its secrets?

There is another tool that makes the difference compared to the CHAUFFEUR; it is the time machine in the taxis. This famous counter that the customers fear is a tremendous prejudice to the community of taxi drivers: not knowing the price of the service in advance is no longer in the cultural habits, today customers have expectations compared to the transport and a clear and definite price as soon as the reservation of his driver taxi or CHAUFFEUR seems to be the norm.

The regulations do not just play tricks on them. Taxi drivers have the power to park in places provided for them, they can also marauder (unlike the CHAUFFEUR), and that is, they can take a customer on the public hand to order a Taxi). Finally the taxi driver has the right to use the bus lanes, this advantage that does not have the driver CHAUFFEUR can be clearly determining for the customer according to the time of its transport.

The Chauffeur, a new mode of travel?

The profession of chauffeur has existed for several decades in the image of the taxis in the world of the transport of people. Originally created to deal with very rich and demanding customers (called the Great Discount), the Chauffeurs now compared to a taxi. The application of putting in relation between customer and driver CHAUFFEUR democratized the trade of CHAUFFEUR and today it is not rare to hear from the mouth of a customer: “I am in the taxi” is in a CHAUFFEUR.

A Chauffeur therefore has a solid background on how to treat the client during his or her trip; he has far fewer regulatory requirements than a taxi driver. The strength of a car service with driver compared to a taxi is the personalization provided to the customer. Thus a Chauffeur will always aim for quality and comfort at the expense of the duration of the journey. When entering a car with a driver, the customer must feel as if he is in his own home, as at home.

The prices of the driver CHAUFFEUR, unlike the taxi, are free. A CHAUFFEUR can apply any tariff provided it complies with the universal rule of not offering a service at a loss (this is forbidden and some taxis suspect CHAUFFEUR to drive at a loss despite the prohibitions). In general, customers appreciate very much since the reservation of the CHAUFFEUR must be made beforehand, the price is established before the service of the driver CHAUFFEUR, and in this way the customers do not know bad surprises, as some could have with the taxis. Another point of difference is the luminous present on the roof of a taxi that is not on the car of a Chauffeur, making it more difficult to identify a CHAUFFEUR than a taxi.

In a chauffeur-driven car, the customer can be demanding. Besides, it is not uncommon for a Chauffeur to offer a bottle of water, sweets and above all an unfailing kindness. A Chauffeur has to be well dressed (generally in suit) to respect the standards of the service to the person. This type of transport is now in vogue, customers are very demanding of CHAUFFEUR since the personalized service allows putting the human in its right posture: that of customer who pays for a service of car with driver.

As explained for taxis, a Chauffeur will not be entitled to reserved lanes (with some exceptions), he will not be able to rely on a regulation to fix his price as a taxi and especially he cannot marauder on the way that is to say, to park on a square along the road to await a reservation. The mirage thus allows taxis to keep the monopoly of direct transport, leaving the way open to the CHAUFFEUR for reservations in advance or immediate via applications / websites.

You should know that a Chauffeur charges you on the journey, whether you are 1 or 5 people, that you have 1 or 5 luggage or that you do not have liquid to pay, the driver CHAUFFEUR will adapt and offer you a solution at an always reasonable price. For example, in the city of Melbourne, a city / airport package is on average $ 50, while airport taxi packages are closer to $ 80/100.

If today the situation between taxi and CHAUFFEUR seems tense, the future of transport remains in the hands of customers. By taking the time to choose the right solution between CHAUFFEUR and taxi it is possible to realize savings thanks to the two modes of transport proposed. It should be noted, however, that the CHAUFFEUR cannot take a person on the fly and must work on booking, unlike the taxi. The costs will generally be higher with taxi and the random vehicle range. With a CHAUFFEUR you will be assured to have a vehicle of very good range. To hire Chauffeur Cars Melbourne visit this website https://www.mychauffeur.limo/chauffeur-cars-melbourne/